segunda-feira, abril 16, 2007

Mapa Timeline das Distros do Linux

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Quer saber de que distro anterior a sua distro atual do linux surgiu? Retirada do essa timeline indica claramente de onde cada distribuição surgiu.
Muito interessante.

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Giovane Roslindo Kuhn disse...

Muito bom o gráfico...

TheBS disse...

FYI, the timeline is incorrect on Red Hat/Fedora.

Fedora [Core] is the continuation of Red Hat Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a fork of Fedora/Red hat.

Fedora Core (now just Fedora as of release 7) is the continuation of Red Hat Linux as of 2003 November. The Red Hat Linux release 10 Beta became Fedora Test and, subsequently, Fedora Core release 1.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux started as a fork of Red Hat Linux, now Fedora Core. The first RHEL release being 2.1 in 2002 March (possibly RHL 6.2"E" in 2000 March in some definitions of RHEL "release 1"), forked from Red Hat Linux release 7.2/7.3 (more the former than the latter). This predates the trademark change for the community release -- from Red Hat(R) Linux to Fedora(TM) Core.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 3 was forked from Red Hat Linux 9/Fedora Core 1 (more the former than the latter), release 4 from Fedora Core release 3 and release 5 from Fedora Core release 5/6 (more the latter than the former).

molina disse...

Thanks Man,
The picture was linked from So maybe they're got it wrong then.